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Sporasub SP1 : The answer

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After the Omer Mik1's arrival on the market, lots expected a still improved version which would come under the Sporasub's mark. Is it thing made with Sporasub SP1 but what brings you it?


Sporasub SP1 action



Technique :an evolution!
The Sporasub SP1 is before everything a whole computer especially designed for apnea and spearfishing. Indeed here we don't find any software carrying out the calculation of the stages automatically This being known as, we notices a strong resemblance to Omer Mik1 his cousin. However, we will notice as of the first a second real effort on the look. Dressed in black and green, we distinguishes a spearfisher silhouette in action on the bracelet. Idem by looking at the watch in underwater function, where we see this time this same spearfisher directly on the screen. It is certainly a detail but the effort is noticed.


Sporasub SP1 detail


The bracelet is enough long to avoid requiring an extension and has a system intended for good to block it.

Lastly, this watch is equipped with a retro powerful lighting. It is possible to regulate this function so that it starts while pressing on the least button.


Sporasub SP1 detail


Out of water, this watch offers a double time slot, an alarm, a register of immersion limited to the 100 last, a stop watch, a countdown and of course a computer of apnea. We can immediately configure this SP1 since it is possible to choose information which will be posted out of water (date, temperature,) Idem for the subaqueous function where we can and we must indicate the measuring unit (feet or meters) but also if the diving will be carried out at sea or in lake and if the temperature is indicated in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.


What could be to better discover the functions of a apnea computer that of going to water?


Sporasub SP1 action


Sporasub SP1 passes automatically in apnea mode as of its arrival to water (attention thus to store it in dry environment at your exit under penalty of using the battery in a fast way). As soon as we passed the 1m 50 the computer begins its measurements and posts into large the depth to which we are. On the top we see the temperature and on the lower part the time of immersion or the maximum depth reached. All these data are immediately stored in register base and consultable thereafter (it is the depths of more than 1m50 and more 10sc). Good with knowing, we will be able to erase the immersions selected, with one or all at the same time.


Sporasub SP1 action


After the increase, the watch passes immediately measures surface of it and will indicate the time of recovery in progress to you since your last immersion (practical for recovery and the trainings). With that we will add the possibility of seeing on the surface the depth reached and the duration of the preceding immersion.

In action the buttons are accessible and from good sizes, which will facilitate their use in particular with the gloves.

Conclusion: an improved version

To tell you all, this Sporasub SP1 manages to make forgeting his cousin the Omer Mik1 as of the first immersion. With more succeeded functionalities and a look more polished, it has all the ingredients to allure the freediving's computers fans. We will regret his release with 1m50 which will make it more difficult to use in swimming pool. In short, an interesting version at price placed well!


Indicative Price: 240€



-The look

-the finishing

-the tecnical spec better than the Mik1



-No screen protection

-No comtuter link










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