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Gigapress: the test

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To load a speargun or a pneumatic gun is not always obvious. The Italian producer Gigapress offers a solution here to reassure and to make this stage easier.





The beginning:

Three years ago, Fernando Brasolin decides to perfect a true solution to make easier but also to reassure the load of crossbows with luggage elastics but also pneumatic guns. Ingenious, strict, he is going to set up little by little an efficient solution for every type of gun. Every detail is going to be measured, calculated, refined to optimise result and it especially since it is about the security of the spearfisher there. In 2010, these first products come into the world, target is reached!



Gigapress version rubber band:


Gigapress Arba is composed of the single element. He is composed of two parts: the first one, pliers, which they are going to position on the arrow and the second part which they hang on the shell and which is composed of handles on the outside to make catch easier in hand. The installation is very intuitive and going to take only some seconds. The pliers on the arrow and handles by top the shell of luggage elastics are positioned. It is enough to draw some centimetres at luggage elastics to understand concept immediately. Indeed, the pliers act as a brake and jam immediately as soon as they give up advancing on the arrow. It is so possible to correct itself in there several times to load the crossbow. When they arrive at the level of the notches of the arrow, the shell comes back as automatically, it does not remain more than to take Gigapress away and to fish.


gigapress arba


A precision however, it will be sometimes necessary to change shell to be able to position Gigapress Arba, an option given shell is available for 13€. Module loader costs it the sum of 95€ in classical version and 141€ for dynema version.

During tests, we appreciated easiness and speed of use. A more and more important interest will be found as the crossbow exaggerated according to church-goer's size. Tested on a crossbow of 115cm, Gigapress Arba allows us to charge with it several times and therefore to re-position the crossbow on the torso to have a more definite effort and especially surer.

The border? The guides arrows which sometimes will be able to unsettle a bit the positioning of Gigapress Arba and of course its valuable level.


gigapress oleo


Gigapress pneumatic version.

Pneumatic version it compromises of three very distinct parts. The first one is going to be screwed on at hand of the gun and going to serve for hanging the second part. This second part is in reality a system of brake intended to prevent the arrow from going back up and therefore from blocking it. They the third part in the hand is then going to be taken, it is about a handle extremely sécurisante since she allows to push the arrow in were him without having the top of the arrow located under the palm as with other models. There the hand grows at the same time as the arrow with the top which is long afterwards therefore any risk in case of breakage of handle as with handles nylon....


gigapress oleo 1


Assemblage takes 5 minutes, the pressure in the gun is taken away, the nose of origin is demonte and the nose Gigapress version is put in the place. It remains then to delay pressure. It remains to slip the brake at the level of the notches of the nose and to push the arrow thanks to the handle. Once again, it is possible to correct themselves there there several times and the load seems much more reassuring and simple. Once the arrow arrived in the tumbler, it does not remain more than to take away the handle and the desencocher the brake located at hand. These two parts can be linked up by means of a rubber band and hung mutually to be able to keep them around the body. For our part we preferred letting group stick on our buoy.


gigapress oleo 2


We really found this interesting system because reassuring for the beginners but also for the amateurs of high pressures. The only problem once again: price since Gigapress Oleo thinks it is between 149 and 159 € (159 € for versions Mamba)




Conclusion: It was necessary to think of it but..

Constructed well and resisting corrosion well, both Gigapress systems have the merit to offer a solution to reassure the stages of load. If Gigapress Oleo version really appeared to us interesting because very sécurisante and not limited (safe by price). They remain a little more discreet on the version intended for crossbows with luggage elastics Giga press Arba because of a domain of use more limited (required to change shell, hardly usable in duplicate luggage elastics) and especially of a level of elitist price.


- security (letter by pneumatic tube and luggage elastics)

- building

- resistance to wear and corrosion


- Price too much high

- hardly usable in duplicate luggage elastics (Gigapress Arba)

- Compatible shells not given for this valuable level (Gigapress arba)

The testers corner:

Bertrand: «Technically it is very well constructed and very ingenious. I think that if it is possible to go without version luggage elastics according to its type of crossbow, pneumatic version is terrifically interesting for all. Only plainly big border: the price which I think really too much high for such an ingenious accessory he is!»

Alain: «Of very nice job! It was necessary to think of it! It is simple to use, ca helped me to load crossbows of 115 in spite of the size reduced by my arms. My blow of heart: the Gigapress Oleo version which is in my opinion inevitable for its side security and the easiness of the load. My regret: a valuable level which should slow down number of church-goers.»

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