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Beuchat Mundial Apnea Concept: The test

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There's a long time that the usefulness of watches / computers for snorkeling or spearfishing has not to be proved.Only one question persisted: the reason for the absence of such a model in Beuchat.The answer is here!



A watch for apnea, why ?

Since the democratization of apnea computers  with the arrival of the D3, the question comes up quite often: why use such a product? Safety first, this type of product allows you to track your real-time position in the pool area (depth), apnea time, temperature and especially ,..., you can check the duration of your surface recovery time (a concept more important than one might think).

The ability to monitor and work on his progress, in fact having an immediate access to all dive data in real time but also afterwards on some models you can adapt your training and improve your progress.Along the same lines, depth or length alarms   available on some models are as important as for the security progress.


In breef, the utility has been proven in our day and quite all brands have this kind of accessory. It only missed  Beuchat, it's done



In precision:

Above all, it takes into account that the Apnea concept is a computer  Apnea, not a depth gauge or a general purpose computer (type D4 Suunto, Cressi Edy ,..).In short, it is in the line for example of a Suunto D3.

And this is the first visible difference comes into play: the look! Indeed, the firm has opted for a sober  look  and terrible trend. No flashy colors or chrome, but a matte black case crowned steel, and it's sober and aesthetic

For the display, we are in front of a developed screen  .Result, despite large numbers, we find all the info realy quickly!

Outside, we have access to the time, date, temperature, timer and stopwatch.Playing with different functions, will have access to the historic over the computer (total dive time, average depth, average time ,...) but also can be revived precisely because each of the 99 dives past are stored in memory.

For setting different alarms, if the maneuver can seem a little complicated, with practice it becomes fairly simple and relatively quick.

Unusually, we can also choose  to set  the sea or lake configuration, for more accurate measurements.



Finally we should point out that this Apnea concept  is part of the few models where we can change iourself the battery.This is well explained in the manual and  is as easy as a key ( Beuchat provides it too!).

Finally, the strap is quite long 13 centimeters with 9cm settings  .We may regret the absence of an extender strap for those who have large wrists or use of heavy jackets.


Beuchat Mundial apnea concept action2


In action:

If outside the  different settings possible could seems a little hard, this  Mundial Apnea concept in action is instantly simple. Indeed, a glance Immediate access to complete information without having to configure anything. After the first four feet, the information is updated every second. This required depth may be a failure for users of this type of product for workouts in the pool ( time in a apnea dynamic), but corresponds perfectly to use at sea with good visibility and we find immediately the current depth, the time spent, number of apnea, access to the temperature require pressing a button.



Alarms are useful to free divers along well and will be useful even for spearfisher(do fish enjoy? Perso we have not used ialarm in spearfishing conditions, only in freediving and training).

Out of the water and return home, we will review all the progressions of a highly accurate manner through the PC (an optional cable is required, however).



We were waiting for a response from Beuchat and we were not disappointed! Simple, attractive and well thought , this  Beuchat Mundial Apnea concept satisfy beginners and more demanding. Convenient, customizable, accurate, we can only welcome the arrival of this new product at a rate fairly well placed relative to the competition.


The +:



-Simplicity in action



The -:

-Learning settings

-Wrist a little short for the heavy wetsuits.



The tester's corner:

Bertrand: "Well done, nice and convenient, this concept Mundial Apnea represents for me a perfect choice for use at sea is setting and you can taste it in action! Plus, it makes use of portable watches every day that you ask?


Alain: "Like it or not use a computer in underwater fishing is a plus! And in this context, the Beuchat Mundial Apnea Concept is perfectly in place.  The price is good and the product has substantial interests and all that with a visibility of first order.


Trick "bracelet seems too short? No worries, we can adapt the extension used on the Suunto D4. It takes 2 seconds and it will avoid any risk of loss for a few Euros. Talk to your favorite shop ! "

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