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Carbone fins confrontation 2010: page 2


Kikosub XXI : a nice entrance!


Newcomer in's tests , Kikosub is actually a brand created by Miralles Francisco Jose Fernandez. This name that probably tells you nothing  but it is a high-level Spanish competitor and former employee in the development in SPETTON.


In short, with a wide enough range Kikosub looks set to go to disturb the established order in Spain. The model is its Kikosub XXI carbon available in several rigidities. Namely rigidities and length / width are calculated to fit with the maximum size of the acquirer at the time of purchase. From a technical point of view this wing is made with a fabric quality carbon frame to close. Side guides, this is 100% since one finds the entire length with a height of 25mm. Kikosub offers this palm with two turnovers, the tested version is turnovers Mares. We find a wing angle of 20 degrees. Finally, on finishing it very clean with no burrs collages and thoroughly impregnated fiber, the glaze is flawless.


Action Pool :

No doubt, the first shots of fins trees give the feeling of having directly at the feet  a  top fin. Balanced, light, well served by a liner Mares enough ergonomic XXI shows the performance in surface displacements. In dynamic apnea, it will be particularly propellant while remaining economical. Strong, light, nervous and well guided, it will adapt to all types of kicking. The place is steady and unwavering guidance. Arriving at the turn, the important length and guidance require a little more effort to maneuver. The recovery is very powerful and will immediately help locate the cruise speed. Note that it is part of the top three in number of fin strokes on 25 meters. During the power test, it shows a good average power and maximum power once more prominent.


Offshore :

At sea, we find the simple side met in the pool. Soft underfoot, travel is effortless even in the current. It may, however, feel a little wing under the foot. First down, it leaves the surface without the least effort and with support interesting. The descent is accurate and will reach the bottom in fairly intuitive. On the sand, the palms are well coated and not interfere even in the current. In India, if the moves are not too many problems, but we feel the length and the guide a little higher. During raids deep, you feel immediately XXI in its field with accurate and easy descents. At the back, the overall flexibility and lightness offer ski oriented economy when the length, precision guidance and will provide an attractive rate of ascent for the first few meters off.


Conclusion :

Newcomer Kikosub directly takes its place among the leaders of this comparison. Well built, featuring a quality finish flawless, these are mostly twenty fins small, powerful without being tiring. The versatile, they will reach a high level of performance both in swimming or snorkeling in underwater fishing. If the more stringent will find a product choice, they may also thanks to their flexibility to adapt to all levels in terms of loving palms a little longer.


User Profile : seeking a palm 100% performance, lightweight, powerful and flexible anyway. Versatile and nervous. Seeking a palm high level.



Mares Razor Carbon : versatility all!


This is a good time they were waiting, the Razor Carbon after being announced in 2009 finally released this year after many months in research and development. From a technical standpoint, there is a wing made of carbon twill small frame and provided with sloping near normal shoe to finish on a more sloping end special wing. This is actually two half-circles 6 cm wide and 16 cm long sloping to 21 cm from the end of the wing. The end result is a more flexible wing. Side guide guides found parabolic 18cm long with a maximum height of 21mm positioned on the end of palms. The liner is the liner Mares already available on versions polymer. It has an angle of 21 degrees. The finish is high with a matt glaze the wings very aesthetic, collages do not suffer from sagging. Finally, this pair of palm comes in a nylon bag.


Action Pool :

In the pool, the fin has a fairly flexible and attack propellant. Light feet, this palm is pleasant from the first meters of the surface. In dynamic apnea, it propels a speed quite interesting. The place is rather regular and reliable guide. It happens to the lengths of 25 meters with a number of fin strokes in the average high. At the turn, as with the Mundial Carbone, the rotation is done perfectly and without effort. The recovery is good with an interesting enough nervousness to reach cruising speed.


During the power test, we noticed a rather interesting and average power in the average high, for maximum power cons in the overall flexibility will saturate the slightly faster model.

Offshore :

At sea, there is a very versatile character from the first meters of the surface. Rather soft and comfortable underfoot, the Razor Carbon allow easy movement on the surface even in the current. First descent, the support is stable and powerful. It leaves the surface and easily fall following is easy. Basically, the palms are easily shove including the current. In India, the maneuverability is good and does not disturb the general guidance at any time. During raids on 30 meters deep, the drop remains clear even at high speed. On the rebound, good attack power associated with flexible allows simple and relatively economic takeoffs. They will adapt to a maximum of practicing without destabilizing in this type of "extreme" conditions of use.



Conclusion :

They were waited and they did not disappoint! Versatile, easy to operate, lightweight and feature a power quite interesting, these Mares Razor Carbon will accommodate a maximum of us even with a single stiffness. Suitable for swimming and sea, they represent an interesting choice for a first acquisition in carbon as the most demanding.

User Profile : Seeking a versatile palm and access performance. So "find in a maximum condition and dicipline without losing maneuverability.

Omer Carbon Stingray 20, 25 and 30 : easygoing!

Omer gives us is his latest collection carbon. Directly created for the shoe Stingray, these new wings take a new manufacturing technology: the infusion.


Basically it's quite simple, the resin enters through one point of the vacuum bag and goes out another point. Result impregnation calculated per gram of tissue without prepreg. In short, technically, Omer used for these three types of tissue hardness 2: twill carbon for hardness 25 and taffeta carbon for 20 and 30. An impeccably smooth surface, the other rough, a perfect collage, in short nothing to say to the finish. Side guide guides found intregraux 21mm high. Stingray is found liner, it has an angle of 22 degrees and is a good choice side ergonomics.


Action Pool :

The pool will directly give us the character of each of the hardness but also the global nature of this collection. The Stingray carbon are not fins that must be coerced into action, in other words, we live the fin live. This integrated, hardness 20 will surprise us with an amazing performance for its flexibility. The 25th will be at a good level again from the surface and the top 30 back. In dynamic apnea, even finding, the 20 will move very economical while maintaining a speed really interesting. The 25th is also a good offer lightness and speed even more. The 30 is the power that will appeal to those wishing to feel more support. The place of any hardness range is confused with a good guide impeccable. Arriving at the turn, it turns quite easily, despite the full guide which can be a little felt. At the restart, nothing to say, is nervous and easily found his speed without effort especially for hardness 20 and 25.


The power tests show an average yield fairly similar in all rigidities, cons by differences in effort will be felt surprisingly max where the 25 will take precedence over others (the rigidity of which 30 will certainly saturate faster muscularly).


Offshore :


Even finding that pool, Stingray Carbon are very focused on a choice and versatility to this game once more on 20 and 25 seem to benefit in the heart of our testers. On the surface these two hardnesses allow easy and effortless movements including the current or waves. The 30 calls on his side, a little more physical. First down, all offer good support and will quickly leave the area. Basically, we feel that little palm plate that easily merits. In India, without being more manageable, they offer an attractive yield with a 20 that appears here in its flexibility to take advantage. During raids deep, the 20 will focus on the economy but we will surprise a marked power during takeoff that was not expected given its flexibility. The 25 seems to be there again at ease and offers ski fairly economical and fast. The 30 most stiff, you can leave the ground quickly, but require more effort than its counterparts.


Conclusion :

With Stingray Carbon, Omer offers a product that can satisfy a maximum of us. Many head to the 25 for versatility will prefer to see the 20 that we particularly appreciated for its report saving energy / power and lightness. The 30 will correspond to more fans support more marked. A model that will secure a future worth no doubt.

User Profile :

- For the 20 : user looking for a palm that is both lightweight, flexible, versatile without sacrificing power or performance with / nervousness. Preferring a light kicking in at the supports.

- For-25 : Users looking for a versatile palm, close to the values of 20 but with a little more support.

- For-30 : Users looking for a palm with support, and powerful enough nerve

RGZ : the price is not everything!


RGZ, is the Buzz web fin ! Indeed, some time ago a craftsman inMarseille created the event by offering for sale a € 100 prize for the pair of wings. Concern about the quality ,..., short months seem to subdue the reactions to leave only performance apparently interesting. Technically speaking, we find the twill carbon turvy. This wing adopts a guide positioned fairly low-end palm 21mm tall and 8cm long associated with guidance from the arm of the shoe from a height of 8mm. This wing is fitted onto a shoe Beuchat and has an angle of 17 degrees.


Action Pool :

From the surface we are pleasantly surprised by a dynamic side and light. The attack is stiffness soft / medium and allows the surface displacements quite economical. In dynamic apnea, the fin delivers a good feeling of lightness and nervousness without being too greedy energy. The place is steady, the guide perfect. Arriving at the turn, the rotation is good with a little guidance marked the revival can be based on an attack delivering support interesting. The number of fin strokes and 25 meters high is about average for this test.


Tests of power, we see a good performance both in kicking that means kicking max.

Offshore :

At sea, we find immediately a lightness and nervousness interesting when traveling.

Without being among the most flexible, this  RGZ fin allows enough of the surface displacements in all economic conditions. First down, with his good width and power, this fin provides good support for leaving the surface. Arrived at the bottom, the  fin plate is perfect and does not disturb the rest of the action. In Indian spearfishing, we will rely on good handling and a nervousness interesting. During raids deep, this guide palm down well and offers a good rate of fall. At the lift, support is pretty straightforward and corresponds to an average stiffness. Nervous and powerful, it offers quite reassuring sensation during takeoff.


Conclusion :

Considering the purchase price, we would have expected a palm somewhat limited, and on the contrary that fin is perfectly in place in this roundup without blushing in any register. It is a model that will succeed in providing a single shot palm versatile, powerful, light and quite nervous which will attract more than one practitioner. Of course, given its value, it represents a logical choice for a first purchase but will also attract more accustomed.

User Profile : seeking value for money for a high level palm primarily light and easy to use in a nervous and maximum conditions. Reboots at reassuring.

Van Eecke Carbon : the reaction!


It is no longer the architect from Marseilles as its work in combination and fins is known around the hexagon, but also beyond the borders. Stung by the arrival of the models said "entry level carbon Pierre Van Eecke has decided to offer more people the opportunity to equip themselves with carbon. The result: fin's cheapest carbon market! Technically speaking, this palm is made with a taffeta average carbon frame perfectly glossy. The finish is impeccable as always and collages out. The carbon wing is guided along its entire length and adapted on turnovers Stingray. Finally, the fin version is tested medium, it is also available in soft and hard too.


The angle : 22 degrees.


Action Pool :

Fairly light feet and nerve, these fins offer an attractive return and accessible surface.

In dynamic apnea, we use a fairly strong attack, the results crossings gives a good average speed and relatively economical. The kicking is reactive with strong feelings of power. The place is clean and strong guidance. Arriving at the turn, the rotation is fairly easy even if you feel the full guide. At the restart, the acceleration is strong and we soon found the cruising speed. The number of strokes on palm 25m in the average of the test.


When power tests, we noticed a fairly uniform performance both in maximum and average effort that is also located in the average of this survey.


Offshore :

As in the pool, this palm Van Eecke represents a versatile, light enough in the water and rather easygoing. The surface displacements are easily although in the current version may be more flexible to consider. First immersion, the support is good and can quickly leave the area. The descent is a good speed. Reached the bottom plate is easily these palms through proper ergonomic liner which reduces the influence that might have guides. In India, the average yield is good even if little guidance to get noticed. During raids deep, there is a good rate of descent and easily manage it. The lifts are so easy with a good support to the foot. In short, these are palms reassuring without being too energy-demanding.



Conclusion :

The challenge was not simple: get a fin  really sheap and also with an attractive yield can be a maximum of practitioners. Pierre Van Eecke has  he succeeded? Obviously yes, since today offers for 177 € liner included a palm in versatile, powerful, light in action and with a good nervous. The course will correspond to the largest number with three rigidities, beginners in Fins composites as for more rigorous. The full guide will help beginners to develop quality still kicking. Good work!


User Profile : Seeking a minimum price without sacrificing performance. Seeking power in the support for this version but will focus on flexibility on the soft version. Focus on the nervousness and plyvalence use.


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