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Test Buoy Esclapez: 100% safety

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With summer starting to feel his warmth, some are considering to prepare their exits and other abyssal thinking first and foremost safety. While summer is synonymous with warm water, fish, barbecue and so on, it rhymes with an attendance of boats for less intensive.



Result, a simple outing with little dude unfortunately can quickly turn into a nightmare . Esclapez Diving has once more well understood and  concocted a buoy rather surprising at first, but terribly well thought out.The principle is simple, it is a torpedo buoy who can carry the guns underwater. So far, nothing very innovative you'll tell me. Actually yes, but in fact  this model is equipped with a flag from a flexible mast of 70cm high, but above all else it's equipped with a system which allows the buoy to be upright in the water and become a true beacon of 1.15 m high. Here, it's hard to forgive you in the water!


In detail, this buoy is a model with double jacketed chamber (is inflated by two valves), a plus for longevity.



The cover is made with a reinforced flashy pvc   and extremely strong. On the bottom we found six rings that will permit to attach easily the guns .



We also found on the bottom a plastic rod designed to allow the buoy moving in a vertical scale. The mast of the flag is a fiberglass rod 70cm in height and 20m nylon rope.




The scale, how does it work? In a simple manner, we can use this buoy in a conventional manner so horizontal or vertical by using a 1kg lead.



The result, once in fishing action, you'll just have to put the 1kg leag on the strap at the end of plastic rod, and it will allow a perfect vertical rocking. It only remains to pick up the flag until his buoy horizontal slot and insert it into the hole to its vertical position again. This gives a tag 1.15m tall.

Nobody had thought about it,  now it's  done! Nice initiative, from our side we have adopted!

Price: 39,60 TTC


The +:


-Easy assembly

-Height signal


- Tube switches under the envelope into a single party (Esclapez tells us that the amendment is pending).




Lenght: 82cm

Width: 25cm

Height: 19cm

Weight: 700gr

Total height above water in horizontal position: 85cm

Total height above water in vertical position: 115cm



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