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Omer Mik1: The test

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Among all the news from Omer we have already discovered, the Italian firm is trying this time to establish itself in the field of dive computers already provided, with the MIK 1. The Omer's technicians have worked hard to create a dive computer quite different than the Mares Nemo or the exceptional Suunto D4.



Simple and classic in appearance it's not less robust and well designed. It offers four modes of operation, a time mode, diving, countdown timer and stopwatch. It's sober and elegant, and above all easy to use. The choice is now very difficult with all these models!




More closer !



Built with  inoxidable steel and very resistant black plastic  , it will be able to adapt to all the situations. The bracelet is well designed and will allow a precise and reliable adjustment, with 13 holes of adjustment.



The watch is equipped with four steel inoxidable buttons managed by a magnetic system which ensures a good ergonomy at all the depths. The one located in top on the left for the retro-illumination, in bottom on the left changes mode, in top to launch the stopwatch on the right or the countdown and finally the last button in bottom on the right post alarm.



Posting is clear, precise, nothing to repeat, the tempered glass will avoid the risks of stripes. This computer is guaranteed up to 100 meters. The change of the pile is very easy, but for the guarantee (2 years) it is preferable to be addressed to its retailer.



Omer make's here the difference by offering a dive selection of the water , sea or fresh water. We also find the basic functions, the water temperature, depth, elapsed dive time.

In Action!

Just submerged the computer starts, but will  begin to store data just past the 1.5 meters and this every 10 cm. You can record up to 100 dives and scroll easily. The countdown function can be used for surface recovery time, you'll just have to program it and the beeps will sound until the second dive.

Each dive over 10 seconds is recorded, the following information are stored: dive time, maximum depth, minimum temperature, start time and date of diving.

As for other computers, be careful not to let in damp, otherwise the battery will not hold long.

A serious competitor!

With this innovation, Omer will hit hard, easy to use, simple, this watch can easily be worn all day considering its small size (much smaller than a Mares Nemo or D4). It is a good summary of what we expect from a computer dedicated to underwater fishing. Of course, we would have preferred that the depth is taken into account before 1m50 but with this price it's already very good (knowing Omer, we can already imagine a version more dévelloped why not the next year !). In short, a very good value for money, this watch comes very easily in the big leagues.




We liked:

- Look

- Accessibility features

- Large bracelet length

- The price

We dislike:

- The outbreak to 1.5 meters

The testers corner:

Bertrand: "Personally, I loved it, less massive than other models, it knows how to be discreet and can be weared out of the water without beeing watched as an alien. On the water, it's automatic, it works without headaches. It comes down, it says everything you need to know. It goes back, not shown disturbing tone. On the surface, we regret that it does not outweigh a time scale surface but  at this price, that is already top! "

" i like too the format. More than other reduced in size, it's not less readable. After it is certain that i'd preferd that it work before the 1.50 m but  with this pricelevel  It is already a great job! "

Ocaris / Omer Mik1: the differences!


Omer/Ocaris: First advantage for Omer : The look and fiability


While leaving the Mik1 is announced, a real controversy broke out: the similarity between the model and Omer Ocaris Mik1.

It was enough to launch us into the adventure of a comparison.

If the firmware seems lquite similar the rest is more different. For the " Look", no doubt Omer opts for simplicity and the perfect finish when  Ocaris seems more flashyl and with a most controversial finish. Another change for the Mik1 the length of the bracelet, taking a much greater length the Mik1 plays safety and versatility, the  Ocaris find his limite using in the 7mm wetsuit  or for those with more developed wrists.






Finally,  was it due to our test model Ocaris, but we found an oversensitivity level of the buttons so that you can  even change the mode to just moving the wrist. For the Ome Mik1, no problem !



In short, you'll understand that  if the Ocaris works, the Omer Mik1 gives you a look, reliability and versatility that makes us believe that these two models do not play in the same court.


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